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Very Berry Cheesecake

January 3, 2018


Very Berry Cheesecake is a healthy indulgence (thanks to PhytoBerry). Loaded with antioxidants from exotic fruits such as goji, organic acai, pomegranate, and gooseberry, it’s bound to make you feel absolutely great!

Ingredients for filling:

1 scoop PhytoBerry
6 tbsp Virgin Coconut Oil
1/2 cup Strawberries
1.5 cups Raw Cashews (Soaked in warm water for 4 hours)
4 tbsp Maple Syrup
4 tbsp Lemon Juice
1/2 tsp Caramel Extract
A pinch Fine Himalayan Pink Salt

Ingredients for crust:

1/2 tsp Virgin Coconut Oil
1 cup Almonds
6 Large Medjool Dates (Soaked in water for 15 minutes)

1. Add soaked dates and almonds to a food processor. Process until a sticky crumble forms.
2. Line a shallow glass baking dish with parchment paper. Grease the paper with ½ tsp of Virgin Coconut Oil.
3. Using your fingers or the back of a spoon, firmly press the crust into the dish.
4. Directions for Filling: Using either a food processor, or blender PhytoBerry, Virgin Coconut Oil, strawberries, soaked cashews, maple syrup, lemon juice, caramel extract, and salt into a creamy mixture. Pour overtop the crust and freeze for 3 hours.
5. Cut the cheesecake into uniform squares and enjoy!The Whole Body Antioxidant Phytoberry

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