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Success Story

Trevor's Story

September 16, 2013


Training, fitness and nutrition is something I have always been drawn to. I started training at 13 and did my first competition at 15. I love pushing myself to new levels I have never achieved before and growing every day physically and mentally through my bodybuilding. No matter how hard you're training, you can always train harder and there is always room for improvement.

I am in my last year of university, finishing my chemical engineering degree at the University of Alberta. Training and competition, on top of a full schoolwork load puts a lot of stress on your body. No other company puts as much emphasis as Progressive does on maintaining health and creating natural health supplements. I use the men's MultiVitamin, VegeGreens, Harmonized Protein, and HCP70 Probiotic formula every day to supplement my training and diet while optimizing my health.

I am able to train harder and recover faster using Progressive products. I have boundless energy and have never felt better. Thank you Progressive for making such a quality product line, you have made a customer for life!

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