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Linda's Story

November 29, 2012


You never know what life will bring, what the negative effects of an accident can have to positively change the way you think and live. In 2009 I had a bad fall at work injuring the muscles and soft tissues all around my right hip and knee. I was forced to hobble with a cane from August to December of that year while undergoing physiotherapy. I had to learn to walk all over again, slowly half a block at first, then the whole block, the perimeter of the mall. When I went back to work it was necessary to continue with my strengthening exercises so took out a membership at a gym where I learned of better eating habits,and supplements to help the healing process and strengthen my body and mind.

I did my homework online, researching different products and sought professional advice. When I dropped by the 'Popeye's' store seeking vitamins, they introduced me to the Phytoberry powder, Vegegreen and fish oil with Omega 3, as well as the proper vitamins and other wonderful products made by Progressive Nutritionals.

I trusted them, your products, and have reached the fitness levels that allow me to run 10K races, having just completed the Vancouver Sun Run.

I was told originally that my hip would never be the same, would always limp and be weak, they could not have been more wrong, or they just underestimated me! I am now in the best shape of my life and am turning 60 this July. I credit you with a large part of my recovery and success, I never go a day without my Progressive supplements, even when camping or on vacation.

Thank you for providing such trusted, consistently superior products that change lives.

- Linda

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