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Kimberly's Story

November 26, 2012


I am 29 years old, and last year was surprisingly diagnosed with Brain Cancer. Talk about a shock to the system! After undergoing awake brain surgery in March of 2011, and going through an infection, radiation and chemotherapy for over a year of my life, I knew I had to add even more healthy additions to my diet.

My cancer coach showed me how to make a healthy breakfast shake, often said to help cancer patients recover from the radiation symptoms and regain their strength. It included a lot of berries and vegetables!

My sister then suggested to me that I add VegeGreens and PhytoBerry powder into my shakes. This way, I got a full day's worth of the essentials I needed from the berries and vegetables in my shakes! I became addicted... Every day now I have a shake to start my day with these two daily ingredients. I felt my body get stronger through exercise and healthy living... With help from Progressive's VegeGreens and Phytoberry powders daily. I regained my strength after radiation and made it through chemotherapy without any sickness.

Thank you so much for adding something into my daily routine that has provided me with the healthiness I need to battle back from such a crazy illness!!

I am proud to say I am now cancer free, and feeling more fabulous than before. I have introduced all my friends to your fabulous products, and will continue to use these two supplements in my daily breakfast (and whenever else I feel like a healthy boost).

Check out more of Kimberly's story on her blog at xoxkimberly.blogspot.com

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