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Jessica's Story

November 25, 2012


I first heard about Progressive Nutritional from my fitness-crazed friend while I was inquiring about natural products such as protein without GMO and artificial sweeteners.

I was unable to find the protein, but I found VegeGreens and PhytoBerry, and asked for them for Christmas. I have been taking them both on a daily basis and I am hooked! In the first weeks I noticed feeling less bloated, having more energy and craving mid-day sweets less often. I have now been taking them for over 5 months and they are just as important as my morning coffee!

I have also spoken to my friends and coworkers and have gotten 2 of them hooked on them as well.

Although life can get in the way of exercising, eating clean, etc, I know that no matter what I can rely on my VegeGreens & PhytoBerry every morning and at least start every day on the right track.

Next up I will look into the protein!

Thank you Progressive!

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