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David's Story

February 3, 2013

Davids_StoryHi Progressive!

I am a University student in Ottawa and staying in shape has always been a pastime of mine.

Being sporty almost my whole life, injuries (concussions specifically) were often some of the consequences. As I got older I developed a medical condition, which I think is called "Dystonia". What happens is when I move quickly from a rested state my muscles on the left side of my body contract. Usually these are just short episodes lasting no more than 5-10 seconds. I went to Popeye's supplements and it was suggested I try the Progressive Vegegreens. When I started taking VegeGreens I realized these episodes were becoming less intense and less frequent.

One day walking to a job interview I got the feeling that one of the episodes was about to happen... It didn't! And I almost began to cry because I was so happy. So I decided to perform my own study. What I decided to do was to stop taking VegeGreens, and within the following days my episodes started reappearing. I am back on VegeGreens and the episodes are gone!

So really all I want to say is thank you! I am so happy to finally be relieved of these episodes after 3 years!

Thanks again,

David from Ottawa.

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