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Brooke's Story


I started weight training about a year and a half ago. At that point I knew nothing about taking protein. My diet consisted of mostly veggies, tofu, quinoa, and maybe a burger at happy hour on Fridays. After a few months, I could tell I had hit a wall. My muscles took forever to repair and I felt weak and was not improving in regards to the overall tone of my muscles. I took advice from a friend and started taking whey protein. After maybe two weeks I noticed the effects of the whey.

The positive effects were great. I felt stronger and fuller after the supplemented meals. I also saw a difference in muscle tone. The negative effects, not so great. Acne! Bloating! Digestive issues! With how healthy I was eating and trying not to eat anything processed, I could only target these issues to the chemical-filled protein powder I was consuming. I then researched a more natural path and found Harmonized Protein! My life has changed ever since. I no longer look like a pizza-faced teenager and everything is working properly inside of me! I tell everyone about Progressive Harmonized Protein! No more added sugar or ingredients I can't pronounce!

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