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Success Story

Brandon's Story

November 3, 2014


I have type I diabetes, so keeping an eye on sugar in my diet is very important. I have been a vegetarian for the last 19 years of my life and getting enough protein in my diet can prove to be difficult. Finding a protein that has low sugar-content is essential to me maintaining a strong, lean body and the VegEssential All-In-One shake has been a great aid in this quest.

Being a vegetarian also means that I am at risk for iron deficiency, low vitamin B-12 and a myriad of other nutritional gaps in my diet. The Progressive Active Men's multivitamin takes care of my nutritional needs, and has been a staple in my supplement program for years now.

I work at a supplement store, and I have an opportunity to help meet my customer's needs daily. Having a strong base knowledge is important; I need to know what a product does to identify how it may help my customer. Part of this base knowledge also comes from experience. Having an opportunity to try a product is paramount to properly selling it. Being in a position to recommend your products daily, I feel very comfortable suggesting your line to my customers to help him or her live a happier, healthier life.


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