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Angie's Story


Being a seasoned athlete, and Certified Sports Nutritionist I know how important it is to me to keep my body in pristine health. I have used almost every brand of sports nutritional supplementation available only to be disappointed with the products, as they contain ingredients that are not pure, natural, and are synthetic. And they also do not keep my body running efficiently.

Progressive Nutrition products are THE ONLY PRODUCTS I WILL USE PRE-CONTEST and during my OFF-SEASON training, and they are natural, and I can not get over the gains I have made as an athlete using your products in comparison with anything else. The fish oils, womens Multi Vit, Greens and Fruits plus, THE PROTEIN POWDERS!!

Your protein powders are the best quality, I have ever ever come across, and my body is pure evidence of the benefits of your products. My body stays in proper balance, I can put on lean pounds of muscle and I feel AMAZING.

- Angie Green

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