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Success Story

Amanda's Story

February 1, 2013


I had been a vegetarian for over 5 years when I became pregnant, and began to crave meat. My diet started to deteriorate simply to satisfy my cravings. I was working in the local health food store, and had encouraged my husband (who had recently quit smoking), to take the phytoberry, the multivitamin for active men and Harmonized Protein. I turned my attention to myself, and started taking a combination of the Progressive Prenatal, the Harmonized Protein powder & the OmegEssential+D, and it seemed to work as a solution to my problems. My energy levels went up, my cravings went away, and I felt better than before my pregnancy!

My baby is due next month, and I plan to transition to the Progressive MultiVitamin for active women, the Harmonized Vegan Protein or Phytoberry Protein, and the other OmegEssential fish oils! I love the Progressive Products because they are clean, pure, and easy to use!

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