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Why is Lolë werking the ‘Wearhouse’ runway?

August 23, 2017


Sustainability. That’s why. Progressive, Lolë, and Cascades Recovery have been making the landfills lonely for over 5 years. The best way to celebrate? A recycle-themed fashion show. The best place to celebrate? Right in Progressive’s warehouse, where a diverged eight metric tons of shrink wrap has maintained a disappointed garbage. That’s a landmark (or lack thereof) worth celebrating!    

The brands involved:


Lolë was founded in Montreal in 2002 on a mission to get every woman to “live out loud everyday” (this whole time is has been an acronym!).

Models strutted three lines of Lolë’s sustainable fashion made from: recycled Nylon fibres, beechwood cellulose fibres, and recycled plastic bottles. Three materials sound like they wouldn’t look/feel as good as this:






Cascades Recovery


Cascades Recovery (a subsidiary of Cascades Inc.) started their mission in 1979 in Toronto. As they continue to grow, Canadian and American businesses’ ecological footprints continue to shrink. Cascades has processed and redirected a humble 1.5 million metric tonnes of materials. Cascades said that Progressive is one of their best recycle sites (yes!).


Progressive (That’s us! We’ll try to be modest)


We make wellness products, not waste. Since Elaine has taken charge of our sustainability efforts, we’ve been able to save: 8 metric tonnes of shrink wrap, 3.5 metric tonnes of cardboard, and literal tonnes of other material.


The partnership:

Lolë, Cascades, and Progressive have created a harmonious, sustainable, and fashionable ecosystem that diverts unnecessary waste into fashionable, comfortable, and performance wear. A win-win-win relationship.

We love to balance environment, people, and product in our meticulous manufacturing process.

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