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Why Are Our Bottles So Big?

January 1, 2016


At Progressive Nutritional, we are strongly committed to sustainability and producing a product that is friendly to the environment. One of the questions we hear most from our customers is “why are your product bottles so large?” To shed some light on our bottle sizes, we wanted to walk you through the process our products go through when bottled in order to help you understand how our bottles sizes are chosen.

How our bottle sizes are chosen

We choose the bottle sizes based on several factors during the manufacturing process.

1. Labels

Rules and regulations require that a certain amount of information is included on our labels. Therefore, sometimes the bottle has to be large simply to hold the amount of information we need to convey to keep our customers informed and up to speed on our products. Essentially, the labels need to be large enough so that our customers can read them!

2. Coning

During the filling process, powder often undergoes what is known as “coning.” Think of a time when you have poured sand from a bucket. The sand does not evenly distribute itself, but forms a cone shape as you pour. Just like when you pour sand, a cone shape forms as our powder is poured inside its container. Therefore, the size of the bottle must fit the height of the “cone,” so that a lid can still be applied.

3. Settling

When many of our products first land in the bottle, they are filled right up to the tip top. But by the time they end up in your home, you have a half of an empty bottle on your hands. This is due to a process called “settling.” After our products go through fine screens in the manufacturing process, there is often a large amount of air distributed throughout the product. As the bottle makes its way from the factory to the store, the air throughout the product moves up to the top of the bottle and the product moves to the bottom. When you open the bottle, the product has settled to the point that it may appear to be in a bottle that is too large. 

4. Storage limitations

To meet our manufacturing needs, we have to keep as many packing materials as possible on site. But, due to our limited storage capacity, we often use the same container size for multiple products. What may fit one product perfectly may leave extra space in another. They may have slightly different volumes, but using the same size bottle allows us to meet our customers needs quicker and more efficiently.

What are we doing to remain sustainable

We want to assure you that we are committed to sustainability and to your satisfaction as our customer. In the meantime, we want to let you in on a few different options that we are exploring. While we have tried cornstarch bottles in the past, unfortunately it is not a container that is a good fit for our product. Cornstarch allows just enough air to get through the bottle to cause unnecessary oxidation, which would ruin a product that you know and love.

In order to reduce the settling that takes place en route, we are looking into new equipment for the filling process. This would ensure that less air is mixed in the product. Therefore, the volume would be reduced and the bottle size able to be made smaller.

Leaps and bounds are made in the packaging and manufacturing technologies every year. As we are committed to being as sustainable as possible, we will keep you aware of changes in our bottles as they are made. If you have any further questions for us about our bottles or anything else, please contact us at any time!

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