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What's more diverse: Canada's population or VegEssential™ ?

May 31, 2017


Hey Canada, you’re having one of those really cool milestone birthdays! You’re celebrating 150 years of being your own independent country and being such a lovely home for such a diverse group of people.

You do sometimes throw tantrums in winter and definitely test our patriotism, but the ones who stick around know the how lucky we are to call ourselves Canadians.

Thank you Canada for giving us the privilege to start healthy families, businesses, and products that are as diverse as you! Or are they...  


Canada’s Population


Completely subjective diversity score :)

Country of origin

1 out of 5 (20%) people in Canada, were born outside Canada

With more than 60 land, sea, cruciferous vegetables, plant oils, phytonutrients, herbs, extracts and botanicals, VegEssential™ harnesses extremely effective sources of macro/micronutrients from their country of origin.

Canada: 20  

VegEssential™: 60

Measuring up to G8

Canada has the highest proportion of foreign-born citizens in the G8

(2nd in the world… Australia for the win!)

VegEssential™ has 8 distinctive blends of green foods and plant extracts...or “G8” for short?

(Get the fancy details )

Canada: 8

VegEssential™: 8

Ethnic origin

Canadians have more than 200 ethnic origins

57.9% of the population reported at least one ethnic origin

VegEssential™ ingredients definitely have a diverse ethnic origin. Some of the more exotic sounding ones

Dulse: fibrous sea vegetable from an Irish background

Ginkgo biloba: Leaf that has shown to have cognitive benefits, Chinese background

Acerola: fruit packed with vitamin C and proudly South American  

Learn about the other 57 superfoods

Canada: 200

VegEssential™: 60

Visible minorities

1 out of every 5 (20%) Canadians area a visible minority

VegEssential™ is a dark green colour, with all the nutrients blending together. No visible minorities here.

Canada: 20

VegEssential™: 1


Canada is the proud home to anyone and everyone who loves diversity, politeness, and can deal with less than kind winters #Happy150  

VegEssential™ is proudly made in Canada (just like all of Progressive’s products since its 1984 inception)

Canada: 150

VegEssential™: 33


Canada’s strength and national health is because the strength of its diversity (sappy but true)**

VegEssential™ strength is also in its diversity and balance of multinational macro/micronutrients.***

Grand total: Ultimately, well blended diversity creates strength, power, and health in diversity!...so tie?

**All Canadian facts sourced from Stats Canada

***All VegEssential™ information available here


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