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What are probiotics - and why is everyone hula dancing?

April 7, 2017


According to TV’s exuberant yogurt eaters, if we eat a serving of dolloped goodness, our bellies will flatten and we will be able to schedule our regularity. We are constantly inundated with yogurt challenges. YOGURT CHALLENGES?! It’s weird.

Packing and additives aside, yogurt marketers are really promoting probiotics. Cutting through Jamie Lee Curtis in a hula skirt, let’s get molecular and find out why.


What are probiotics?

Probiotics are healthy bacteria that live in your mouth and intestinal tract. They’re key players in vitamin absorption and creation, building strong immune systems, regulating proper digestion, and creating clear skin (because looking good goes well with feeling good).

Where are probiotics found:

  1. Your body.
  2. Fermented foods.
  3. Supplements

So if your body already has them, why would you take (or buy) more? Because unlike in the tabloids, internal body image matters. ‘Image’ being a metaphor for ‘intestinal microbiotic makeup’, of course.

Under the right conditions, your body is largely self-sufficient. Unfortunately, we all face internal and external forces that throw our guts out of balance.

When to take probiotics (or up your potency):

  1. If you’re taking antibiotics. Antibiotics don’t pick and choose the biotics they kill. They’re like insensitive teenagers — unconcerned with their actions, and taking anything down in their path.
  2. You’re not so regular. Not in the fun unique personality way, but in the ‘your poop ain’t normal’ way.
  3. Your skin shows signs of problems. Skin is an insight organ that lets you see what’s happening in your body, from the inside-out.
  4. You’re sick. This one’s obvious. Clearly, your body isn’t showing off optimal function.
  5. You’re tired of reading this article. This engaging content can’t be the culprit. It might be brain fog caused by underpopulated probiotics.
  6. Anxious? STRESSED!?!? That was a bit mean...but seriously, probiotics and mental health have a linear correlation.

(Source: Gut Health Project)

So should I finish this yogurt?

Eat...eat...enjoy. Have a hula. But the main ingredient in yogurt is not probiotics, so if that’s what you need, skip the dairy challenges and go right to the source.

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