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Two Great All Natural Protein Powders

March 25, 2011


Re-posted from: nutrition-junkie.blogspot.com, written by: Linda Modica

I was on a search recently for a great tasting vegan protein powder and came across "Harmonized Vegan Protein" by Progressive Nutritional. After all the vegan protein powders I've tasted and have come across in my search for an "all natural" vegan protein powder, I think this is a great pick. The protein contains a blend of 5 non-GMO vegetarian proteins: peas, organic sprouted brown rice, organic hemp,cranberry and chia protein. As you can see, the company tries to include as many organic ingredients as possible. It is free of artificial ingredients and has essential and non essential fatty acids, EFA's, minerals and vitamins. As for the sweetening effect, it has stevia rather than aspartame or other artificial sweeteners commonly found in most protein powders. It tastes great and contains a whooping 25g of protein per 35g. Overall, it is a great source of protein for people looking to increase their protein intake but wanting to avoid an animal or dairy based diet.

Opting for a dairy based protein powder? Well, Progressive Nutritional has "Harmonized Protein" containing five quality New Zealand sourced proteins. So what is New Zealand based protein? It is the cleanest and purest form of protein in the world and is highly recommended by Naturopathic doctors. New Zealand protein is derived from cattle that is free of hormones, including rBGH, screened for 250 chemical and agricultural contaminants & free of antibiotics. The protein powder contains no artificial sweeteners and flavors, has 24g of protein per 30g and has organic mineralized sea vegetables, which are known for their alkalizing effect and trace mineral content. Last but not least it tastes great. It is a great blend with various fruits and vegetables such as spinach, kale and carrots. Or just give it a shake with your favorite juice, milk or water and off you go.

All Progressive Nutritional products are also certified by a Naturopathic doctor who is involved in the development of all the products. The next time you are out shopping for protein powder, I would certainly give this brand a try. My two personal favorites based on natural ingredients, organic ingredients, purity, digestion, non-GMO, source, the amount of protein per scoop and of course taste.

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