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Beyond Training: Tips to Get Race Ready for the 2015 Tri Season

March 18, 2015


Now that the offseason is basically behind us, it's time to get into pre-season mode. Getting race ready means more than just building up your base miles in the pool, on the road, and on your bike. Here are some important but often overlooked things you should do now to be ready for your first triathlon this spring.Get a bike tune-up from your favorite local bike store. Unless you happen to live somewhere warm enough to head outside all winter long for your rides (lucky you), your bike needs a good spring cleaning. Do that now so that you can enjoy the warm weather as soon as it hits and avoid any uninvited surprises during your first long ride.

While you're getting your bike tuned up, take a look at your tri gear to make sure it's still in good shape. Does that wetsuit have a huge hole in it? More importantly, does it still fit? Do your goggles still seal? And where exactly is that race belt? Get organized now so that you have time to buy equipment if you need it and so you aren't scrambling the night before your first race.

Do at least one simulation brick before your first spring race. You're already in the habit of doing bike/run bricks, but to get ready for race season throw in a transition area so that you can work on improving your speed getting through the transition area. We all know how much it can mean to take a few seconds or even a minute off of your overall time, and losing that time in the transition area gives you a huge advantage come race day. Your best bet is to just set up all your bricks this way so that race day transition will be a breeze because you'll have already worked out all the kinks during your training bricks.

Use these tips above to help you get organized so that you can focus on the most important part of your pre-season regiment: training! For more information on how to get race ready for the 2015 tri season, contact us today.

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