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Make 2017 Your Healthiest Year Yet

Jan 25, 2017 5:53:05 PM

by Sandra Chabot Weber, Holistic Nutritionist

The New Year is all about setting yourself up for success with the right foundation. After all, how you start your year sets the tone for the direction the next 365 days will take.

Making The Holiday Season Work For Your Health

Dec 21, 2016 12:05:09 PM

by Sandra Chabot Weber, Holistic Nutritionist

Many would agree that the holidays are the best time of the year! It’s a season of celebration, feasting, mingling, and togetherness – making December a very busy month.

Give Your Immune System A Bulletproof Makeover

Dec 1, 2016 4:03:44 PM

by Sandra Chabot Weber, Holistic Nutritionist

As the seasons change, so do our habits. Come fall and winter we start spending less time outdoors, schedules get busier, and even though Mother Earth’s days become shorter, ours remain the same. Prevention is the best way to support your body and to create a healthy foundation as this natural shift occurs. A huge part of what sets you up for wellness success is to strengthen your immune system – before you get sick.

Top Secrets on How to Make the Perfect Smoothie

Dec 1, 2016 4:03:14 PM

When it comes to making smoothies, are you a pro? Top of your game? A smoothie champion? If so, congrats! Take a lap! If you're not quite at the top of your smoothie-making game, here are a few good tips for beginners.

Living Younger: Health-span vs. Lifespan

Dec 1, 2016 4:00:44 PM

More than twenty years ago, before phrases like "obesity epidemic" and "metabolic syndrome" entered our lexicon, two doctors introduced an online mechanism for determining one's biological age based on health in comparison with chronological age. Using information from insurance actuarial tables, the self-administered questionnaire in the site provided a "real age" vs. a chronological age and guided better health choices. The theory, of course, is that the same information that allows insurance companies to determine rates based on risk behaviors tells us a lot about what we should and shouldn't do. 

3 Fall-Friendly Healthy Lifestyle Habits

Dec 1, 2016 4:00:10 PM

by Sandra Chabot Weber, Holistic Nutritionist

Come fall in Canada, there’s this nationwide yearning to lean into a more health conscious routine. A routine is made up of habits and it’s these singular elements of your day that ultimately help to build a healthy lifestyle.

Switching Up Your Healthy Breakfast Bowl Game

Dec 1, 2016 3:57:04 PM


Breakfast bowls are the hot new way to mix nutrition with presentation for an appealing and healthy start to your day. These picture-worthy bowls are filled with nutrient-rich, balanced meals to give you long-lasting energy, which means they'll easily keep you fueled until lunchtime.

7 Health Benefits of Cauliflower

Dec 1, 2016 3:56:45 PM

Have you noticed a lot of cauliflower recipes in your Pinterest feed lately? There's good reason; cauliflower is a tremendously versatile vegetiable that is rich in vitamin C, vitamin B-6, vitamin K, magnesium, iron, calcium, and other nutrients that your body needs. Here are the seven main health benefits of cauliflower.

9 Ways To Get Your Kids to Eat Anything (or at least try)

Dec 1, 2016 3:55:42 PM

The way you introduce your child to food mirrors the way you introduce them to so many other things in their environment, and what you do will inspire curiosity, creativity and open-mindedness or fear and closed-mindedness. We all want the first for our kids, but how do we get there? Here are some tips to get your kids to eat anything - or at least give new foods a chance.

To Be Or Not To Be: Gluten-Free

Dec 1, 2016 3:54:05 PM

The Gluten-Free movement is gaining momentum. But what are the facts? Should you consider a gluten-free diet? The answer is a firm...maybe.