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The Health Benefits of Gardening

May 27, 2016


Do you feel like your life is lacking colour and vibrancy? Plant it for yourself! Garden therapy is a hands-on way of improving your quality of life with an array of options that fit your budget, schedule, and skill level. 

Health Benefits According to Science

The benefits of gardening include decreasing stress and increasing mood, self-esteem, and sense of control. Research has found that gardening reduces cortisol, a stress hormone found in the brain, and increases serotonin, the natural "happy chemical" that so many people are short of. If you can garden outdoors you will get an extra boost of serotonin along with melatonin, which improves sleep for overall wellbeing, from the sunshine. You can also incorporate aromatherapy and colour therapy into your gardening plans for a more personalized benefit.

Give Gardening a Try

It doesn't take a green thumb to garden. If you are new to planting you might want to try sowing wildflowers. A wildflower mix is fragrant, colourful and pretty much as simple to plant as throwing down seeds and making sure they get adequate water. Don't let yourself get overwhelmed taking on a new hobby you aren't familiar with. Start small and be proud of your accomplishment as you learn new skills and techniques. Remember, garden therapy shouldn't feel like a chore. Just like meditation and other holistic health practices, garden therapy should be soothing to your body and mind. 

Although gardening outdoors is ideal, you aren't limited by available outdoor space. Window boxes, sunny countertops, and hanging planters all make charming little settings for your personal growth garden indoors. Living or working in the environment you create with your aromatic and colourful plants is sure to make every day and every place a little brighter. 

Get your hands dirty, have fun, and relax. 

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