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The face of your favourite MultiVitamins has changed...and so have our formulas!

January 3, 2013


Progressive MultiVitamins now feature a family of plant-based digestive aids that enhance your body’s natural production of enzymes. This blend of Fringe Tree Bark, Bitter Gourd and Milk Thistle was designed by Dr. Adams to help balance your liver, stomach and pancreas function and to support the entire digestive process.

This is a significant improvement over just adding enzymes, which is a bit like taking a dairy-based Probiotic. They will do you some good while in your system, but once they pass through you, that benefit will be lost. Our new digestive aid blend is more like taking a human strain Probiotic in that it will actually help fix the problem and benefit you 24 hours a day, aiding in the absorption of your multi along with everything else you ingest.

It’s the start of an exciting new stage for Progressive MultiVitamins!


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