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Go Green

Sustainability + The Royal Flush

October 1, 2012

Sustainability_+_The_Royal_Flushwritten by Elaine Munro, Director, Sustainable Operations

Our Go Green / Take Action! team has been on a stealth mission at Progressive Nutritional.

Quietly, we have been retrofitting our sixteen toilets with a single-valve flushing system that allows us to reduce each flush by two liters of water volume. The change in function is imperceptible, although in some cases, it is an improvement.

What is very cool is that SMALL CHANGES can add up to BIG SAVINGS. By extrapolating the number of employees and average daily washroom visits, we conservatively estimate that our municipally-sourced water consumption will be reduced by 130,050 liters or 28, 607 gallons of water per year. That is the equivalent of a 22 by 44 foot swimming pool with a depth of four feet!!

We’d rather leave the water in the lake to enjoy at sunset!


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