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Superfoods for a Strong Heart

February 15, 2016

superfoods for a strong heart

Maintaining cardiovascular health is important and necessary for a long and happy life. Most of us take part in some sort of activity to keep ourselves healthy, but did you know there are certain foods you can eat that will benefit your heart? Here are some superfoods for a strong heart!



Salmon, mackerel and sardines are the all stars when it comes to fish. These guys are fatty, meaning they contain large amounts of omega -3 fatty acids. Omega-3 is known to reduce plaque build-up in the arteries, triglycerides, as well as irregular heartbeats. Eating omega-3 rich fish once or twice a week and taking a daily supplement of fish oil will go a long way in caring for your heart.


A breakfast favourite for many, oatmeal is a great way to reduce cholesterol as it is high in soluble fiber. Oatmeal soaks up bad cholesterol so that it can be digested out of the body, rather than being absorbed into the bloodstream. Be careful with which oatmeal you choose though, as instant oatmeals are usually processed and contain a lot of sugar. Opt for old-fashioned oats or quick-cooking oats instead. There a new oatmeal blends on the market too that contain a mix of Oatmeal, Chia seed and Hemp seed that are a high fiber, omega-3 rich, twist on the original Oatmeal for breakfast or snack times.


Who doesn’t love a good summer berry? Not only are they tasty, they also are known to be antioxidants, helping to decrease blood pressure. Load up on the blueberries and strawberries 3x a week, and decrease your risk of heart disease!

Dark Chocolate

Studies are showing that dark chocolate is beneficial for your health. While this only applies to chocolate with 60-70% cacao, this is great news for anyone with a sweet tooth. Dark chocolate has shown to reduce nonfatal heart attacks and strokes in people who may be at high risk for these conditions. Versions sweetened with stevia, coconut sugar and agave are readily available in markets to provide a more wholesome dark chocolate experience.


Almonds, walnuts, pistachios and macadamia nuts are all high in healthy fiber for your heart, as well as vitamin E, which reduces bad cholesterol. While nuts have a reputation of being too high in fats, the fats they contain are good for you, and those who consume daily handfuls of nuts, especially walnuts have lower risks of heart problems. Avoid nuts that are coated with a type of flavouring or with added salt.

Eating your way to a healthy heart has never been easier! All of these foods are easily available at your grocery store and are bursting with good-for-you properties. Consume these superfoods for a super strong heart!

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