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Summer Swim Routine Tips

June 8, 2015

Summer Swim Routine Tips

With summer around the corner, people are flocking in droves to the beach, pool, and other aquatic places of recreation and relaxation. However, for those interested in incorporating aquatic fitness into their routine, the pool poses a new summer challenge: healthier habits and toned muscles. If you're looking build a swimmers body, here are some helpful summer swim routine tips.

Get used to new way of breathing. If you consider yourself a master of all swimming techniques, focus on establishing rhythmic breathing. Water pressure doesn't allow lungs to easily fill up with air, so focus on the breath as much as possible to build ability for prolonged swimming. Making sure you're getting oxygenated is half the battle, and the most oxygenated you are, the better you're going to feel.

Don't be afraid to rest. Unless you're swimming year round, the need for rest is typical for those attempting to swim four laps or so a day. This helps the body recuperate and build the muscle needed for better performance without too much wear and tear. It is important to listen to your body, as swimming can be an intensive workout. Almost all your muscles are involved! Try swimming 3 laps and resting 30 seconds.

Freestyle swim for a full body work out. Using different strokes helps build muscle all over the body. Backstroke can build shoulder and back muscles, while breast stroke builds abs and inner thigh muscles. Your legs are getting a constant workout, so focus on what type of upper body strength you might need. In the case of a classic but easy stroke like the doggie paddle, you are actually getting all muscles working!

Aquatic workouts pose minimal stress on the body while providing excellent tone and proportioned muscle development. You are boosting metabolism and burning as many calories as your would on a treadmill, but water is providing full support for your limbs! For those looking to build up a new routine around aquatics, experiment until you find what's beneficial for you, and remember to have fun!

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