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Sometimes the Story is Parked Right in Front of You

September 17, 2013

Sometimes_the_Story_is_Parked_Right_in_Front_of_YouProgressive Nutritional Therapies recently held its annual Sales Conference, gathering its sales team from across the country. A guest, at the resort in the lake district north of Toronto, asked if it was a car company meeting. A car company?

That’s when we noticed several hybrid cars parked along the tree-lined driveway of the conference centre. A hybrid car, here and there in the parking lot seven years ago, had now grown to be the majority of vehicles in the fleet.

Since 2009, Progressive has offered a monthly incentive to its Sales team when they decide to purchase or lease a hybrid car. It was dramatic to see the line-up of twelve hybrid cars (owned by staff in eastern Canada). We couldn’t resist taking a few photos for the company’s “Eco-Hub” bulletin board.
Across the country, there are fourteen hybrids currently in use, with two more to be added in the near future.

The new question hovering in the air is “Who’s going to be the first to go 100% electric?” We’ll see what next year’s parking lot reveals!

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