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Save Our Supplements!

October 5, 2016


Canada is a global leader in the regulation of Natural Health Products (NHPs), which includes vitamins, minerals, probiotics, herbal products, homeopathic remedies and traditional medicines. Despite the 12 year success of Canada’s system, Health Canada is proposing sweeping changes that could negatively impact the industry forever. Why change something that works… well?

"Health Canada is now proposing a framework that would significantly alter the existing NHP Regulations and instead wants to regulate some NHPs using the same rules as drugs based on a small consumer survey and six weeks of consultation." - CHFA, Voice of the Natural Health Industry


Don't take away our freedom to choose safe and effective products!

If Health Canada has their way, Natural Health Products, cosmetics & drugs would be regulated under pharmaceutical standards. The price of natural health products would rise significantly and there would be fewer products to choose from. Many supplements already in use would disappear forever.

Take action now! #SaveOurSupplements

Instead of allowing Health Canada to fix something that's isn't broken, here are some steps you can take to ask them to leave the supplement industry alone.

1. Download and read this letter from the CHFA which outlines the details of the proposed change and why it doesn't make sense.
2. Send a message to your Member of Parliament to let them know these changes are not acceptable. You can visit this petition site that will help you find your MP and draft and send a letter.
3. Share this message on social media. Use hashtag #NHPsAreNotDrugs and #SaveOurSupplements.

Tweet: #HealthCanada is proposing changes that may take away many of the #supplements that 77% of Canadians use. #SaveOurSupplements

For more information about this issue, visit the CHFA website. 

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