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Quick & Easy Weight Loss Tricks

February 9, 2015


Is weight loss one of your goals for the New Year? If so, you’re not alone. According to Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development, a whopping 47 percent of the Canadian adult population is  overweight. Despite their best efforts (fad diets may be blamed), many continue to wrestle with weight control. If you’re wondering how to lose weight for good, here are some quick and easy tricks that will help you shed pounds:

Unless you set reasonable limits on your food intake, it’s easy to chow down a whole plate of noodles at one go. Mentally set limits. When you measure how much you can eat or serve yourself on a small plate, chances are you‘ll be eating smaller portions. Your hand is a convenient means of measuring food. For instance, your protein sources should be no bigger than the palm of your hand (about 3 oz) and a fist makes for one cup.

Who knew eating less can be as easy as eating slowly. When you chew and take time to enjoy your food, it takes less to make you feel full. Why? It takes the brain 20 minutes to realize that you’ve had enough. So the next time you sit down to eat, make a deliberate attempt to eat slowly.

Soups usually carry fewer calories, due in part to the high water content. If you make one meal a soup meal, you can easily shave some calories off your food intake unless you opt for heavy-cream-type soup. Choose light, broth-based soup loaded with plenty of vegetables, beans and lean protein.

When you do get hungry between meals, snack like a bird. Make the portions small and nutritious. Make sure your snacks deliver the much-needed nutrients your body needs without stacking up unwanted calories. That means picking healthy choices such as fruits, cut vegetables, low-fat yogurt, lean protein and whole grain choices.

More recently, good gut health has been linked to better weight control. According to Quebec researchers, probiotics may help to improve digestive health, promote the growth of good bacteria and help weight loss. Participants in the study who took probiotic supplements lost more weight than those who took a placebo.

These are just some of the tricks for helping weight loss. For more information on how to lose weight, contact us.

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