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Join Our Points Program!

January 1, 2013


Welcome to our new Progressive Points loyalty rewards program! Once you are registered (it’s free!), you can begin earning points that can be redeemed toward free Progressive products.

How do you earn Progressive Points?

It's easy! First, you have to register. Next, simply interact with any areas on the site marked with a "star" symbol. By clicking, submitting or reading the material, you earn points for future redemption on all your favorite Progressive products.




How It Works

After you have earned a minimum of 2,800 points by interacting with any areas on the site marked with a “star” symbol (which may include clicking, submitting or reading the material), you will be prompted to redeem your points toward Progressive products. When you choose your preferred product, we will receive notification and it will be shipped to you.

Each point is worth 0.005 dollars. So, 200 points is $1. When you join, we give you 1,000 free points to get you started!

You may collect a maximum of 100,000 points per year (the equivalent of $500).


Happy collecting!

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