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Out of the Darkness, Into the Light

June 13, 2013


The switch has been clicked “on” for our new high-efficiency lighting here at Progressive Nutritional headquarters and warehouse. The “electrical retrofit”, as it’s referred to in sustainable circles, has taken about eighteen months from sourcing quotes to the bright lights we’re enjoying today.

Out_of_the_Darkness,_Into_the_LightMost commercial buildings are lit with magnetic ballast fluorescent lighting. It’s been the standard for years. Many people are sensitive to the “hum” or “flickering” of these lights which can cause headaches. The new energy-efficient lights use an electronic ballast which is half the size of the old magnetic ballast (two of the old ballasts are needed to illuminate the fixture as compared to one electronic ballast per fixture).

What does all this mean? Firstly, the quality of light is significantly improved. The first impression we had in our office was that someone had painted the walls over the weekend! In the warehouse, it looked like we’d installed skylights everywhere.

The good news for business is that the improvement in work environment lighting is also good for the bottom line. Our lighting costs should be reduced by HALF over previous years.

The reduced utilities cost, combined with maximizing a provincial energy incentive, means that our direct cost to make these changes will be paid off in just under 2.5 years!

Now that’s environmental sense that makes cents!

Here are a few before and after shots, taken without flash, to show you the difference.

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