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Nothing Fishy About Sustainability

February 3, 2013


Progressive Nutritional has taken a number of strides to implement sustainability measures throughout our offices as well as in the broader environment -particularly how we source our ingredients . Selecting fish from a sustainable population for our OmegEssential Fish Oil is a top priority in our corporate responsibility initiatives.

Sustainability is very important to us as a key part of our business as we strive to create healthy products and maintain a healthy environment. For this reason, the fish used to create all of our OmegEssential Fish Oil products are primarily caught off the coast of Peru. The fishing methods strictly follow the Fisheries and Aquaculture (FAO) code of conduct for responsible fishing, and leave the seabed undisturbed to protect the underwater environment.

The Peruvian government manages the fisheries through the Ministry of Production and the Vice Ministry of Fisheries. They enforce the following principles: protecting the eco-system, preserving bio-diversity and sustaining marine resources.

In 2008, the sustainability of Peru’s fisheries and marine eco-system was ranked “Best in the World” of the 53 fish producing countries surveyed.

So, in addition to getting a pure and potent fish oil product guaranteed to be free of contaminants (recognized and approved by the International Fish Oil Standards—IFOS), when you buy Progressive products, you can be sure the fish are sourced in a responsible manner as well.

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