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More about our Comprehensive Product Development Process

March 4, 2011


"We have taken the guesswork out of product development to create products that we know will work."

What impact will a nutrient have on your digestive system? How will your liver handle the stress of processing it? Is the elimination of the waste materials going to present any problems for your kidneys? These are just a few of the many questions that we address before starting with product development. We try to anticipate every possible implication.

The latest research and scientific evidence is used to help us design each formula. We use only human clinical evidence to support the use of each ingredient and their combinations; animal and in vitro studies are prohibited.

Once our product development team has refined and perfected the formulation, the next step is to test for bio-energetic compatibility. This is where the process ends for most products in the marketplace; for Progressive, this is where the real work begins.

Our testing indicates whether the formula in question will in fact have the desired effect on your body and confirms that it won’t create any problems or imbalances. Dr. Adams tests each individual ingredient on several hundred patients, resulting in adjustments to ingredient sources and potency. This process is then repeated with all of the individual ingredients in combination with one another until we find the formula that is well balanced and in harmony with the majority of his patients. This step is critical as it ensures our formulas will be as efficacious as possible for the consumer.

We have taken the guesswork out of product development to create products that we know will work. Progressive products deliver a harmonized blend of rigorous quality standards, conventional science, and naturopathic medicine. Only Progressive tests their products with real people to ensure they are in harmony with you.

See www.energetically-balanced.com to learn even more.

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