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Made in Canada: Which Canadian companies remain?

June 14, 2017

Oh Canada, how we love every 150 years of you. You provide one of the world’s best (bias) living spaces from east to west, and from north to...slightly less north.


Because of your sometimes less-than-tropical environment, our businesses may not have a large enough market to stay local. However, here are five proudly Canadian companies who have remained true to The North:  


Matt & Nat


 Matt + Nat Canadian Company

Matt & Nat is not named after cute couple Matthew and Natalie, but after the ethos of the company “MAT(T)erial” and “NATure.” Who knew?! Since their 1995 beginning, Montreal’s Matt & Nat has been inspired to create beautiful vegan accessories that are made from nature. Mission: Definitely successful. Since 2007, Matt & Nat’s accessory lining has been made from 100% recycled plastic bottles. Truly Canadian, Matt & Nat truly operates by its motto “Live beautifully.”




 Lole Canadian Company

Lolë first rolled out its yoga mats in 2002 as an athletic/fashion brand for women. Also helming from Montreal, Lolë’s name is an acronym for “Live Out Loud Everyday” (Montreal and their fancy naming conventions). With the mission to get women moving every day, Lolë hosts worldwide yoga events, as well as ongoing community classes. That bright yellow mat in your yoga class? Just Lolë living out loud.


Holy Crap



Holy Crap, now there’s a name! Named after the reaction people have when eating the breakfast cereal, Holy Crap was first introduced to the Gibsons, British Columbia market in 2009 by an adorable Canadian couple, Corin and Brian Mullins. The cereal varieties are made up of at least 65% Canadian ingredients, and all products are vegan, organic, gluten-free, kosher, and tastes, well, Holy Crap good! (Bonus fact: Holy Crap is so Canadian, Chris Hadfield, Canadian astronaut, brought it to space with him and called it “the best taste in space.”)




 Roots Canadian Company

Roots. Does it get more Canadian? It doesn’t. This is why: Roots has been making their high quality leather good, sweatpants, and many other durable products since 1973 (and we have sweats/purses just as old). Michael Budman and Don Green created Roots through inspiration from Ontario’s Algonquin Park. Roots is still designed in Toronto, and all genuine leather goods are produced in Toronto. And just like their product, Roots’ brand and national pride are built to last.



Progressive Canadian Company VEgeGreens.jpg 

Progressive has always been a Canadian company, since 2002. Our products are made in Canada, in the GTA (Greater Toronto Area). We’re proud to have a strong, nutritious, rooted history in Canada, because it’s a by-us-for-us line of supplements and vitamins. With 15 years of Canadian innovation, quality, and efficacy, Progressive’s products are continuously chosen by none one other than, Canadians! Thanks, Canada! Let us thank you by sharing our secret to the perfect smoothie!

Bonus fact: Canada’s favourite Progressive product? VegeGreens®! Many other favourites: here

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