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Is a Bootcamp Workout Right For You?

August 3, 2015


Fitness bootcamps are rising in popularity. From former marine sergeants to high intensity fitness trainers, a lot of new businesses are popping up and many gyms are offering fitness boot camps too. But, is a fitness bootcamp workout right for you?

First, what is a Bootcamp Workout?

A Bootcamp workout is made up of many different elements, but invariably includes a fairly intense mix of strength training and aerobic elements (weights and cardio). One boot camp workout might favour cardio while another features military drills. Individual, timed exercises can include everything from push ups, planks, burpees, TRX type exercise, mountain climbers, squats, lunges, ab exercises and more. At the core of a Bootcamp workout is a type of interval training - bursts of intense activity alternating with short periods of rest.

What are the benefits of a Bootcamp workout?

The goal of a Bootcamp workout is to provide a whole-body workout that builds strength and endurance - and combined with an appropriate diet, can promote weight loss. Bootcamp workouts are gaining in popularity because they:

  • Usually change up day to day, so they can alleviate boredom
  • Don't require a lot of equipment
  • Can be conducted both indoors and outdoors
  • Encourage teamwork and a sense of togetherness within a group

What are the possible drawbacks?

  • Cost - Bootcamps can be more expensive than a regular gym membership or fitness classes.
  • Intensity - Bootcamp workouts are naturally intense, not only by the type of exercise performed, but many bootcamps favour a “drill sergeant” mentality – which may not be for everyone.
  • Expertise / Supervision – A Bootcamp workout implies that one instructor overseeing a group of participants.If the group is large enough, there may not be a lot of availability for one-on-one instruction.

Things to ask before signing up for a fitness Bootcamp

  • What are the instructor’s qualifications?
  • What is the mix of cardio and strength training?
  • What do the people who have taken the class think about it?
  • Does a Bootcamp workout align with my fitness goals?
  • What is the instructor to participant ratio?
  • What level of fitness are most of the participants? Can the instructor adjust the exercises in order to accommodate fitness level or people with injuries? Fitness boot camps offer an opportunity to build your strength and endurance.

But make sure you know what to expect before marching into boot camp.

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