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Go Green

Here's To a Brighter Future

January 3, 2013

Heres_To_a_Brighter_FutureAs the New Year begins, we can all reflect on the wisdom we’ve harvested from the past year. Here at Progressive, we’ve had fun jumping into new territory in 2012 with the launch of our Go Green Take Action program. We reached a tipping point where the underlying beliefs and purpose of our business demanded that we step up and create new solutions for sustainability.

We asked ourselves: How can we devote our time, effort and passion to creating healthy products for healthy people at the price of a deteriorating planet? That’s when just talking about going green transformed into Go Green Take Action!

Our program is built on three pillars…

1. Rethink and be responsible for the environmental impact of our business
2. Work together
3. Set a better example

From this simple foundation, we are navigating our way as a “holistic business”. This shift in perspective requires us to look at the many ways our actions are interconnected.

Everything is connected, from the role of employees throughout the organization to the part that Progressive plays in the natural health industry. We have begun to think in terms of “life cycles”.

In order to make the systemic changes we knew would be necessary, we needed to engage employees. It is always easier to get someone’s attention when you make it fun.

One of the tenets of sustainability is that small changes make a big difference. To heighten employee awareness, we started saving our shrink wrap with the intention to recycle it (this type of plastic usually falls into recycling category 4: LDPE Low-Density Polyethylene). After one month, we had a ball of plastic that weighed 308 pounds. We ran contests guessing the weight and naming the growing mass. The winning name was Krinkles.

Now, as we wrap up five months, we are nearing our first ton! The estimate for one year is about 4 tons. So a small change can make a very big difference.

To build on this initiative, we held a fashion show at our facility that highlighted a Canadian active lifestyle company that uses organic and sustainable fabrics. We used a wall of bagged shrink wrap as the event back drop, which we introduced as a water-resistant fabric!

This is the new, sustainable cycle of life. We are going through the layers of our business operations to ask questions and change the rules. How can we improve our outcomes and find sustainable processes and materials to achieve that?

It has re-ignited an entrepreneurial flame for us here at Progressive. Taking care of our planet and the people on it IS the new frontier. Working together adds a new layer of commitment and integrity that everyone can share in our organization.

As the calendar page turns to 2013, the future is looking bright. We’ll be doing what we can to make a positive difference and we hope you’ll join us!

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