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Help Me! Tips to Make Healthy Eating Stick

January 14, 2014


Why is it so hard to eat well? It may have a lot to do with our taste buds. Flavour has propelled us for centuries to do extreme things such as explorations to the east in search of mouth-watering spices and wars over coffee and sugar. Flavour affects our brains. Scientists have discovered flavours stimulate sensations in our brain we enjoy.

As such, the flavouring industry has found how to use the perfect blend of fat, sugar and salt in processed foods to make them taste irresistible. We crave processed foods because their flavouring makes us feel satisfied, happy and rewarded. Otherwise, processed foods wouldn’t sell - processed foods have a bland flavour after its dehydrated, frozen, pasteurized and so forth. According to Eric Schlosser, author of the bestselling book Fast Food Nation, “The American flavour industry now has annual revenues of about $1.4 billion U.S. dollars.”

Let’s face it, turnips just don’t stand a chance against these scientifically manipulating “natural” and “artificial” flavours added to almost every processed food in your pantry and freezer. The extremely delicious taste of processed foods lures us away from our healthy diets of fresh, natural food. Changing our palates to appreciate and desire healthy foods can help.

How to Change Your Palate
First, believe you can. Your palate has changed before – as a toddler you probably twisted away from strong flavours like olives and onions, yet as adults we enjoy these bolder flavours. Second, reduce the accessibility of processed foods. Clean out the pantry – if processed foods aren’t easily found, you’ll reach for a healthier option. Third, get your palate excited about healthy options. Stock up on local produce at the market - seek out your favourite fruits, vegetables, spices, cheese, nuts, seeds and fish. With lots of natural healthy food around you’ll be inspired to eat healthier. Just think about how delicious tonight’s salad could be! Mmm, your favourite salad dressing drizzled over juicy tomatoes, crunchy carrots, crisp snap peas, leafy green lettuce, salty olives and feta cheese, sweet peppers and tangy onion. It’s mouth-watering!

The Time Factor
Hurry! Rush. Phew, life is busy. As such, many of us find our stomachs growling and reach for a convenient, processed item. Eating healthy is easy when you take a moment to pre-plan each morning: pack a lunch for work, toss an apple in your briefcase for a snack or start a vegetarian chili in the crockpot for your busy family evening.

It is so easily said: “plan ahead”. But, reality is that sometimes we just don’t have time to eat well. As such, we eat unhealthy foods that are high in sugar, fat and salt; and low in fiber, essential oils and vitamins/minerals. The consequences of poor eating include constipation, fatigue, moodiness, decreased immunity and an increased risk of disease (diabetes, heart disease, cancer, osteoporosis).

Try An All In One
Everything you consume has an impact on your body. Eating healthy can be hard – luckily there are All In One powders to help your body get the nutrients it needs to enjoy health. An All In One contains all of the nutrients a body needs: fiber, essential oils, vitamins, minerals, protein and probiotics in a single glass. VegEssential provides 27g of plant-based protein, 7g of fibre, 2g of omega-3 plant oils, the equivalent of 6-8 servings of fresh vegetables, over 100% RDA of 13 vitamins and minerals, and more! It provides unmatched nutrition and convenience.

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