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Healthy Recipes with Unique Food Pairings

March 1, 2016


Some flavour combinations sound so unlikely - but are in fact magical. What unique food pairing combinations would you try? Vote for your favourite combo in our March Mix It Up Challenge, and then grab the recipes and try them out for yourself!

Adventures in 'Food Pairing'

As people become more adventurous with their palates, foodies, chefs and home cooks are realizing there's no limit when it comes to food pairings you can concoct in the kitchen. The main idea behind this new trend called 'food pairing' is to creatively pick two different foods or ingredients that go really well together to create one delicious meal or flavour.

Turns out, there is a legit science behind food pairing that includes technical charts identifying possible matches on a molecular level. These charts help you select and experiment with combinations that might seem questionable, but science says will work.

We've taken this sophisticated system a step further by cooking up some pretty unusual healthy food combinations, using our favourite Progressive products.

Download our Mix It Up Challenge Recipe Book and try some unique flavour combinations for yourself!

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