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Happy Heart Healthy Month: 5 Ways To Make Fun Family Heart Health Habits

February 27, 2018


February is Heart Health Month! Get out those cinnamon hearts, chocolate hearts, and heart-shaped red Jello (No? Just us? Oh family traditions…). You get the point, we might celebrate the heart in somewhat of an oxymoronic way. We all know Valentine’s treats aren’t the leading heart healthy nutrition trends, but that’s why they’re treats. However, these five tips can support your family’s health all year long:

1. PlayGettyImages-470659721.jpg

Physical activity is a leading factor to ensuring cardiovascular health. Kids love to participate in play in so many ways. Sports, games, and outdoor activities are the classic ways to engage in physical activity, but why not gamify things that need to get done?

Is your driveway covered in snow? Engage your family to clear the snow and turn it into a fort or a snowperson (gender neutral, it’s 2018 snow)! Is it cleaning day? A game of  musical dusting! Play music and every time it stops, everyone has to freeze. Need to Swiffer? See who can sweep and get the dirtiest pad (the family above is having so much fun with their bright coloured cleaning props).

Get original, get things done, and get your family’s hearts pumping every day!

(Source: Heart And Stroke Foundation)

2. Cook


Cooking is another way to spend time with your family while crossing off the to-do list. Cooking with your family is great for all the reasons (barely an exaggeration)! It’s not only quality time, it allows everyone to see and control what goes into their food. And knowledge is power. And dark leafy greens are power.

Canada’s food guides offers suggested servings for each family member. “Mom always makes me eat my veges,” “Why can’t we have cake for all meals?” “Why only have seconds when you can have fourths and fifths?” These are questions that can be addressed when everyone is preparing meals together.

Everyone can be the champion of their own nutrition and have good life-long habits by controlling sodium intake, choosing the right fats, and enjoying healthy meals.

(Source: Heart And Stroke Foundation)

3. Eat

Cooking is super fun, but then there’s the eating. Even more fun. The Government of Canada is also having some fun with their customizable food guide called “
My Food Guide.” It gives the user the power to select their favourite foods that comprises their daily recommended nutrition intake. Not quite as fun as eating, but a great exercise to do with each family member.

Everyone can have their own specialized food guide. Cool idea you asked? Print out everyone’s personal guide and laminate them for personalized heart and body health-focused placemats!

4. Supplement

It is possible with all of the fun everyone is having that some heart-healthy nutrients can be missed. For example, the oils that are in certain fish are really good for the heart. But a nice slab of fish is not always on the menu enough times each week. Knowing your supplement options can help “fill in the nutrient blanks.” Progressive’s many options of
fish oil (including specialized children's formula) can help support good heart health habits.

(Source: Mayo Clinic)

5. Have Fun


What do you love to do? What does your family love to do? What does everyone love to do together? Do all those things! Participating in activities that fills hearts with warmth and love also de-stresses the mind and body. Leading a stress-controlled life is another way to support good heart health.

So maybe it’s time for some new February (and year-long) family traditions! Swap out the heart-shaped candies and replace the treats with cut up strawberries, which nature has already made heart-shaped.

(Source: WebMD)

Support healthy heart habits and learn all about fish oil


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