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Great Exercises to Increase Cardiovascular Endurance

February 15, 2016

Great Exercises to Increase Cardiovascular Endurance

There are lots of ways we try to stay fit and maintain our overall health. While we may think we have to channel our inner Olympian to maintain a healthy heart, there are more moderate exercises we can do to achieve that. Here are 5 great exercises to increase cardiovascular endurance.

Brisk Walking

Walking is one of the best (and most natural!) exercises we can do. Whether you prefer the treadmill or pounding the pavement outdoors, a brisk walk is perfect for getting your heart rate up, allowing your heart to become stronger and more efficient at pumping blood. Rather than going for a leisurely stroll, push yourself to work up a sweat and maintain a higher intensity throughout the walk than you normally would. Running


Just think of it like walking, but more intense! While running may make people groan, it’s another one of the 5 great exercises to increase cardiovascular endurance. If you are a beginner runner, start with a brisk walk and add in 1-2 minutes of running for every 5 minutes walking. As you gain more strength and get fit, you’ll find it much easier to run in between, and will eventually reach the point of not needing to walk at all.


For water lovers, this activity can be both relaxing and aerobic in nature. Swimming laps or taking water fitness classes are both great ways to increase your cardiovascular health, as well as improving your muscle tone and strength. Swimming may be more comfortable than walking or running for those who have joint problems. Cycling


While seemingly intense, cycling is a perfect cardiovascular booster, especially for those with weaker joints. Your options include solo in the gym, on the road and on trails, or with a group in a spin class. Whichever method you choose, you will have the double benefit of toning your muscles and core, and building strength for a healthy heart.


Yoga has a reputation of being a more relaxation oriented activity, and while this is true, there are forms of yoga that can really get your heart rate going. Ashtanga yoga, for example, is a set sequence that can really help you increase your cardiovascular endurance. Connecting mind with body, you will have an all over workout, and you’ll walk away feeling more relaxed, but also having toned your muscles and heart.

These 5 great exercises to increase cardiovascular endurance are easy, low in cost, and virtually equipment-free. Choose one, or try all, and see the difference it makes!

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