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Earth Day

April 10, 2013

Earth_DayEarth Hour/Earth Day…
The Momentum of Making a Difference
By Elaine Munro, Director Sustainable Operations

Earth Hour, on March 23, and Earth Day, on April 22nd, has become spring traditions that remind us that we are a global community.

Earth Hour, now in its seventh year, reaches 7,000 cities, in 152 countries, connecting with 200 million people.

More importantly, it focuses on a single hour… a small segment of time that we can relate to as individuals and as a family. Shutting off lights and power to watch a battery-operated laptop movie with homemade popcorn or taking part in a candlelight yoga class or photographing your city skyline as the lights dim… the ways to celebrate Earth Hour can be endlessly creative!

Earth day, this year on Monday, April 22nd, is the hub of month-long activities. This year’s theme, “Act for the Planet”, recommends taking up a 30-day Earth challenge…

• on your PLATE
• in your HOME
• on you SKIN
• on the MOVE

We are asking our staff to take a 30-day Earth challenge. Committing to one “Go Green” change for a month can demonstrate how easy it is to add a positive new habit.

It’s a three-step challenge.

1. Choose your own Earth challenge. We’ll have an ideas list for the four categories.
2. Keep a 30-day diary on how you manage your challenge and what you notice along the way.
3. Tell us your challenge and what inspired you the most.

The top three stories will win Earth-friendly prizes.

As a company, the timing of these springtime events couldn’t be better! For more than a year, we have been working to get approval for an electrical retrofit of our facility. On Friday, March 22nd, one day before Earth Hour, we began receiving components for our new office and warehouse lighting system!

By April 30th, we will be celebrating individual employee challenge results, along with our company’s brighter, more energy-efficient and EMF-reduced lighting!

Good news for our bottom-line and even better news for our planet!

Visit earthday.ca

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