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Contest Winners Announcement

April 10, 2012


Progressive wants to announce the winners in our “What Gets Your Heart Pumping” contest.

These hearty folks dared to show the world a photo of what got their heart's pumping and received the highest number of votes respectively.

Congratulations on winning 1-year supply of Progressive Heart Health Products!

They are:

Sheila Napier


Why this photo gets my heart pumping:

My Son David, age 27 was born with Congenital Heart Disease. So far he has required 3 Open Heart Surgeries. He is a constant reminder for me to keep my heart healthy by eating healthy, taking my vitamins and exercising regularily.


Stephane Robert


Why this photo gets my heart pumping:

Going from tree to tree was a real workout and it was amazing!


Kim Peppers


Why this photo gets my heart pumping:

I know I am about to work my butt off for the greater goal!

Check back with us for great contests and exciting opportunities to win!

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