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Benefit of Hiring a Personal Trainer

March 7, 2016

benefit of hiring a personal trainer

If you've begun an exercise regimen, but aren't seeing the results you were expecting, you may want to consider the benefit of hiring a personal trainer. But, do you really need one? Will a personal trainer make a difference? Here are a few reasons why you should hire a personal trainer if you are serious about your workout goals.

Consider these statistics:

  • Research revealed" weekly sessions with a personal trainer significantly increased clients’ ability to move upwarrd through the stages of change in regard to physical activity".
  • Health-behavior changes were evident over a 10-week period.
  • Gains were made in the area of cardiovascular and muscle increase when participants had a personal trainer.
  • Under the supervision of a trainer, loads increased.

Consider the personal benefits

  • Higher motivation: A trainer keeps you motivated and on track with your goals through the weekly routine/appointments.
  • More Accountability: When you are working with someone who cares about your goals and is helping you achieve them, you feel more accountable to continuing. 
  • Increased safety: Lifting weights and exercising with new equipment can cause injury if not done correctly. A personal trainer can spot you when the weight is a bit heavy, assess whether you are overdoing it and need a break, and teach you proper form so you don't pull a muscle.
  • Variety:  Routines can become stale which are no good for your motivation or your body. The body needs to be continually challenged with new and more difficult exercises or you will reach a plateau. A trainer can guide you upwards to more challenging movements that you'll find stimulating. 
  • Custom designed workouts: Not only are your workouts tailored specifically for your body, fitness level and interests, a personal trainer comes to you. Do you have a home gym? Do you like to take your workouts outside? Your trainer, your choice.

The benefits of hiring a personal trainer are evident and well worth the investment for your health. If you would like to discuss these topics further, please contact us today! 

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