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Are Supplements a Waste of Money?

May 15, 2012


Re-posted from: tammystrome.com, written by: Tammy Strome

For many years there has been a grand debate about whether or not supplements are needed to maintain good health and/or lose fat.

Many people argue that they’re a waste of money, because you can get enough nutrients for the maintenance of good health from your food.

I disagree and here’s why.

  1. Most people don’t eat an adequate diet with the appropriate servings of fruit, vegetables, protein, healthy fats and healthy grains everyday.
  2. Most people consume processed and refined foods that are not only nutrient deficient but also leach the body of vital nutrients needed for the maintenance of good health.
  3. Our current food sources are questionable. Most soils are over-farmed and nutrient-depleted so fruits and vegetables do not contain the amount of nutrients they used to. Pesticides are also a factor. Many fish and animals are farmed and fed inferior diets, antibiotics and, in some cases, hormones.
  4. Fruit and vegetables start losing their nutrient value right after being picked. Unless you’re growing them fresh in your own natural garden to be eaten right after picking, nutrient loss will occur. The food is picked, travels thousands of kilometres and then sits in the supermarket until you finally buy it and take it home.
  5. Certain lifestyles place more demand on the body for extra nutritional support. Some examples include elite athletes, those on food-restricted diets, people working lots of hours under lots of stress or working in places where extra pollution is present. Pregnant women also need support. Their reserves are depleted by the growing baby and this can contribute to problems after the baby arrives in terms of vitality, mood and optimal health. Finally, bodybuilders are training hard to build new muscle; getting the body to build muscle and/or burn maximal fat requires extra strong nutritional foundations.

So…do I think you should take supplements if your goal is to build an amazing body? Damn Straight!

I have seen the difference in hundreds clients, not just in how they look but also how they feel when proper supportive nutritional supplements are added to their plans.

Their immunity and energy go up, their skin, hair, sleep and muscles improve, joint pain goes away and body fat disappears. And that’s just some of the noticeable improvements! Just imagine the internal benefits.

When creating a strong physical foundation, I think it’s important to think of nutritional supplements as a way to fill any potential holes that might exist. Without a strong foundation the house will crumble.

I’m going to share what I feel are the most important supplements if you are following a fat-loss meal plan and training program. In the name of disclosure, please note that I’m a spokesperson for Body Plus, which includes Progressive Nutritional Therapies. The reason I chose to represent them is because I believe strongly in their products and I’ve seen results with them both for myself and for my clients. That said, there are many good products on the market and you are welcome to try them all and see what works best for you.

  1. A multivitamin (Progressive Nutritional Therapies)
  2. A good quality fish oil (Progressive Additional Therapies)
  3. A calcium/magnesium/vitamin D supplement (Progressive Nutritional Therapies)
  4. Vitamin C antioxidant/recovery (Progressive Nutritional Therapies)
  5. A quality greens product (Vege Greens by Progressive Nutritional Therapies)
  6. A good whey protein (Precision I PLX)
  7. Micronized glutamine (Precision L Glutamine)
  8. A good B complex (Natural Factors, especially if you are a hard-training female)

Other optional additions that can be beneficial: vitamin E, CLA, branched chain amino acids, creatine and an optional fat-loss aid such as Six-Pack 2 by Precision Sport Supplements.

There are many others as well, of course. It all depends on your goals.

The important thing to remember is that supplements are designed to be supportive and to enhance your health and vitality. They cannot do this for you if you’re living on junk food or an unbalanced diet. Supplements can never replace a good diet.

Tune in for Tuesday’s Team T & E post to find out how Eftihia’s doing in her training for her upcoming stage competition. We’re getting closer to show day!

Yours in health,

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