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7 foods that will make you the potluck favourite

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What is more diverse: Canada's population or VegEssential™ bionutrients?

You eat your greens? All 60?

What are oxidants, and why is everyone so anti them?

Fruits vs Vegetables

About that refrigerated section of your health food store...

70 billion reasons to take probiotics

It’s a gut feeling...what is your body telling you?

What are probiotics - and why is everyone hula dancing?

Make 2017 Your Healthiest Year Yet

Making The Holiday Season Work For Your Health

Give Your Immune System A Bulletproof Makeover

Top Secrets on How to Make the Perfect Smoothie

Living Younger: Health-span vs. Lifespan

3 Fall-Friendly Healthy Lifestyle Habits

Switching Up Your Healthy Breakfast Bowl Game

7 Health Benefits of Cauliflower

9 Ways To Get Your Kids to Eat Anything (or at least try)

To Be Or Not To Be: Gluten-Free

Embracing Good Bacteria: Probiotics for Children

The Health Benefits of Kimchi

The Scoop On Poop

Upgrading Your Winter Wellness Routine

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3 Ways to Protect Yourself From Environmental EMF Toxins

Enhancing Mindfulness In Children (Naturally)

7 Benefits of Mindfulness Meditation for a Holistic Lifestyle

Healthy Fat: Are You Getting Enough?

Understanding the Benefits of Organic Farming

Healthy Superfoods You Haven't Tried Yet: Chia

How To Detox Your Body Naturally

Why and When to Go Organic

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Top Ways to Live a Zero Waste Life and Reduce Your Environmental Impact

The Danger of Ruining Your Metabolism With Extreme Dieting

The Health Benefits of Gardening

Best Probiotic Rich Foods

6 Amazing Facts About Your Microbiome

Probiotics and Fresh Breath

The Link Between Probiotics and Skin Health

The Science of Probiotics and Sleep

Probiotics and Brain Function

Not getting Enough Vegetables? Here's What We Recommend.

HCP®30 or HCP®70? A comparison

4 Healthy Recipes for Delicious Drinks

Introducing Our Newest Flavour: Pineapple Coconut VegeGreens!

Introducing Our Newest Flavour: Chocolate OmegEssential!

Fitcations: Which Wellness Vacation Is Right For You?

Seaweed: The New Green Superfood

New in Health Trends: Nut Milks

Benefit of Hiring a Personal Trainer

A Gym-to-English Dictionary for Your Workouts

Surprisingly Delicious Food Pairings That Really Mix It Up

The Science of Food Pairing – Crazy Taste Combos That Actually Work

Healthy Recipes with Unique Food Pairings

Keep Healthy with these VegEssential Recipes for Winter

Benefit of Consuming Fish Oil for Cardiovascular Health

Great Exercises to Increase Cardiovascular Endurance

Sleep Habits for a Healthy Heart

Superfoods for a Strong Heart

The Most Important Thing You Can Do For Your Heart Health

6 Ways for Women to Protect Their Heart Health

Probiotics vs. Yogurt: Which Should You Choose?

Decreasing Foods That Increase Inflammation: The Case For Dairy-Free Snacks

Benefit of Consuming Fish Oil for Healthy Hair, Skin and Nails

Benefit of Consuming Fish Oil to Improve Mood, Focus, and Brain Health

Benefit of Consuming Fish Oil to Reduce Inflammation in the Body for All Ages

Wonderful Winter WheyEssential Recipes

Our Top Experts Reveal Their Secrets To Your Best Health Ever

Why Are Our Bottles So Big?

Healthy Habits: The Benefits of Berries

How to Maintain Your Brain Fitness

You Can Have Healthy Teeth the Natural Way

Learning About Laughter Therapy

Avoiding Inflammation During the Holidays

A Guide to Meditation for Beginners

How to have a Fit and Festive Holiday

Warm Up With Homemade Broth Recipes

Have Yourself A Healthy Holiday

Holiday Money Matters

Stay Strong & Healthy This Holiday Season

What Are Your Best Bets for Building Your Health?

Best Ways to Protect Your Microbiome & Gut Health

A Post-Holiday Cleanse

Top Tips for a Sustainable Holiday Season

Best Ways to Unwind Over the Holiday Season

Top Superfoods to Support Your Microbiome

VegEssential – Your Daily Foundational Supplement

VegEssential For Body Transformation

10 Reasons You're Tired All the Time

Even More Seasonal VegEssential Smoothies for Fall

The Top 9 Benefits of Sprouting

VegEssential For Athletes

VegEssential For A Busy Morning

5 Vitamins You’re Probably Not Getting Enough Of

Achieve Your Weight Loss Goals and Manage Insulin with the 3-Meal Model

Enjoy the Season with Fall VegEssential Recipes

What's the Secret to Your Smoothie?

What are Phytonutrients?

Discover the Power of Eating the Rainbow

Are You Calcium Deficient? Follow These 3 Tips

Have it Your Whey: Fall WheyEssential Recipes

What are Green Foods?

Top 4 Back to School Health Tips For Teens

Sunshine & Building Bones: 4 Nutrients Children Are Missing

Back to school health tips for kids

Proper Nutrition for Children's Growth & Development – Are They Getting Enough?

Back to School Health Tips for College & University Students

Discover the Power of Green Foods & Phytonutrients

Ensuring Children's Growth and Development: On Your Way to Peace of Mind

All Day WheyEssential Summer Smoothie Recipes

Get Extra Energy & Power Up with a VegEssential® Smoothie!

Is a Bootcamp Workout Right For You?

The Benefits of Coconut Oil

Is Your Body Overly Acidic? The Benefits of an Alkaline Diet

Eating Organic - Beneficial or Bunk?

Benefits of Eating Vegetables: Spotlight on Beets

What Are Antioxidants?

The Benefits of Eating Fruit – 4 Essential Minerals Your Body Needs and Why

Super Smoothie Recipe - Chocolate Almond Mocha

Are You Getting Enough Antioxidants?

Edible Trends for 2015 – How to Improve Your Diet with Fruit

The Benefits of Eating Fruit – 3 Essential Vitamins Your Body Needs & Why

Essential Nutrients You Need to Support Detoxification

Summer Swim Routine Tips

The Benefits of Eating Vegetables: Cauliflower

The Benefits of Eating Vegetables: 8 Minerals Your Body Needs & Why

Planting Trees After Toronto Ice Storm

Understanding Calories and Their Role In Healthy Weight Management

The Benefits of Eating Vegetables: 6 Vitamins Your Body Needs & Why

Getting What Your Body Needs by Eating Your Greens

How and Why to Increase Your Flexibility

Athletes: How Much Protein is Enough?

Tips For Better Digestive Health

The Role of Protein in the Body

Energy Boosting Grab and Go High Fibre Snacks

What It's Like to Eat Like a Professional Muay Thai Champion

Yoga Hydration Tips

Marathon Training: Nutrition

Staying in Shape for Hockey in the Off-Season

Beyond Training: Tips to Get Race Ready for the 2015 Tri Season

8 Steps for a Spring Bicycle Tune Up

A Beginners Guide to Running

Getting Back Into A Workout Routine After A Hiatus

Thin People Need Exercise for Heart Health Too

A Grocery List To Promote Heart Health

Protecting Your Heart Health

Improving Overall Health – Are You Snacking Smart?

Getting Healthy - Get Started on the Road to a New Healthy You

Quick & Easy Weight Loss Tricks

Improving Overall Health - Beat Insomnia with these 5 Tips

Improving Overall Health – “Health Foods” That Aren’t

Foods to Fuel Learning for Kids

The 5 Best Summer Foods for Great Skin

More Than Changing Light Bulbs… We Need to BE the Change!

A 2-Step Plan to Healthy & Happy Kids on the Go

Protein for Lifelong Vibrancy

Your Eyes: A Window Into Your Health

Breaking Down Detox: 5 Simple Tips to Revitalize this Spring

Strong Bones, Stronger You

From Recycling to Recovery

Healthy Snacks with Kathy Smart

A Healthy Heart the Natural Way

Tune in: Change your diet, change your mood

Help Me! Tips to Make Healthy Eating Stick

Putting “Spirit” back into the Holidays!

Wrapped Up: Your Holiday Survival Guide to Health

Thrive through the fall with Vitamin C

Sometimes the Story is Parked Right in Front of You

Supplement Survival Guide for Men

Our Kids Need Our Help!

Blue Sky Thinking for Green Business

5 Quick Tips to Summer Health

Out of the Darkness, Into the Light

Stay Healthy & Active with VegeGreens Multi & PhytoBerry Multi

Barenaked Ladies Tribute

MultiVitamins for Active People

How To Get Probiotics On Your Side

Earth Day

Lolë Go Green Fashion Show

Got Bones?

Nothing Fishy About Sustainability

Are you in Danger of Dying of This?

A New Year...With More Energy!

Here's To a Brighter Future

The face of your favourite MultiVitamins has changed...and so have our formulas!

Heart Healthy Recipes

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Progressive Organics Brown Rice Protein

Tips for Successful Low-Carb Living

Why You Should Recycle Your Batteries (We Do!)

Boost Energy Production: Finding More Energy Naturally

Dreaming of a GREEN Christmas

Vive Paris Contest Winners

Vitamin C – The King of Antioxidants

Sustainability + The Royal Flush

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Getting Enough Veggies

The Whey to Be Strong

Detox Your Way to Health

Protect Yourself From Free Radicals

Top 5 Detox Tips: Your Quick and Easy Summer Detox

Vitamin C – The King of Antioxidants

“Get With It”: Supplement for Better Learning

Be the Change

Back to School Nutrition for Kids

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