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PhytoBerry Powder

A very PhytoBerry® holiday

December 20, 2017



Make the holidays a little healthier by adding some Progressive PhytoBerry!


Red_Velvet_Chia_Pudding.jpgThe Time Saver

This overnight Red Velvet Chia Pudding is perfect for the hectic holiday season: just toss all the ingredients in a jar and let it sit overnight. Then, in the morning, all you have to do is grab and go to the in-laws, to the tree farm, or to the store for your 16th roll of wrapping paper. The PhytoBerry in the pudding works to strengthen your immune function before the holiday party season hits, plus it boosts energy levels to keep you going through even the busiest mall parking lot. It also stimulates brain function, leaving you clear-minded for any awkward family small talk.

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PhytoBerry_Blossom_Salt_Body_Scrub-1.jpgThe Knick of Time Gift

If you are stuck for a last-minute gift, the PhytoBerry in your cupboard can help! Besides being a superfood, you can use the powder to whip up some delightful, home-made, organic beauty products to treat a loved one (or yourself!) to a stay-at-home spa day. The antioxidants in PhytoBerry help slow the ageing process, making it perfect for skin care, and these products are so simple you might find you have everything you need to make them already in the house. Mix up some PhytoBerry Blossom Salt Body Scrub and the Cinnamon Berry Lip Balm, wrap them in a big red bow, and prepare to wow someone with your thoughtful, hand-made gift.


Get the recipe for Phytoberry Blossom Salt Body Scrub

Get the recipe for Cinnamon Berry Lip Balm


Phytoberry_Green_Tea.jpgThe ‘Me-Time’

When the holiday din has died down and you get a few precious moments to yourself, take five minutes to make this PhytoBerry Green Tea for a soothing, antioxidant-packed sip. One single scoop of PhytoBerry gives you the nutritional equivalent of 6-8 servings of fresh fruit, keeping your nutrients topped up during a famously indulgent season. PhytoBerry also promotes mental clarity, perfect for a post-holiday moment of reflection.

Get the recipe (note: the recipe suggests iced tea but for a cozier cup simply use warm, freshly-steeped green tea in place of the suggested cold green tea.)


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