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A Gym-to-English Dictionary for Your Workouts

March 7, 2016

gym-to-english dictionary

You decided to make working out part of your routine and even joined the gym. You're off to a fantastic start! You feel invigorated, motivated, and determined to accomplish your goals for a healthy lifestyle. But there's only one problem: You don't understand all the lingo you are hearing around the gym. People are using words and phrases you aren't familiar with. No problem. We've developed a gym-to-English dictionary for your perusal.

Here are some common gym terms and an accompanying sentence.

AMRAP: As many repetitions of an exercise as possible.

"Each set is 10 sit-ups and 5 push-ups, amrap-style."

AFTERBURN: An increase in metabolism rate lasting for hours after a strenuous workout.

"Keep that heart rate up on the rowers if you want the full afterburn."

BEASTING IT UP: Any type of exercise that involves intense work both physically and mentally.

"That guy is beasting it up with the elliptical." 

CARDIO: An exercise that elevates your heart rate. It is a shortened word for cardiovascular.

"I plan to do cardio work outs three times a week and strength training twice a week."

DOMS: Stands for delayed onset muscle soreness. This refers to the muscle soreness and stiffness that occurs with those individuals not used to strenous exercise. The onset of soreness is usually about 24-72 hours after exercising.

"I'm suffering DOMS from my work out on Monday."

GLUTES: The largest of the muscles that make up the buttocks.

"She is targeting her glutes by doing lunges."

POOD: A Russian unit of weight equal to about 36 pounds.

"He must be strong! He swings with a two-pood bell!"

ROOSTER SQUAD: The group participating in the earliest class of the day.

"I'm going to bed early, so I can make the rooster squad tomorrow"

SPOT: To stand by someone as s/he lifts heavy weights. A person who "spots" for another person is mainly watching out for his/her safety. 

"Can you spot me while I lift 50 pounds?"

The benefits of strength training and carido work outs are supreme. As you continue to take care of your body for the present and the future, we are here to journey with you. Contact us today, if we can be of further assistance!

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