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4 Healthy Recipes for Delicious Drinks

March 18, 2016

 healthy recipes for drinks

Eating healthy can be a positively delicious experience! By incorporating some of our best products into tastebud-tickling recipes, you'll be well on your way to establishing healthy habits. Here are 4 healthy recipes for drinks featuring some of our best products to get you started.

Need a little boost? Try this Energy Synergy Smoothie that includes All-In-One WheyEssential, the ultimate nutrient-dense supplement your body will thank you for all day long. Start your day healthy and watch how much better you feel!

For the ultimate in balanced protein try the Mountain Pose Smoothie made with Harmonized Protein. You may not have climbed Mt. Everest lately, but you'll be able to relish the mountaintop feeling with this delish recipe that gives your body all the essential protein it needs.

Staying healthy can be sexy! Our Foxy Detox Smoothie recipe made with VegEssential All In One gives you everything you need to boost your immune system, help build lean muscle, support healthy bones, teeth, eyes and skin, and even detox and stabilize your body - all in one smoothie that will delight your taste buds!

Love chocolate? Then you'll drool over our Iced Mocha that includes Harmonized Vegan Protein. Who knew one of your favourite flavours could be good for you? The secret is the addition of five plant-based proteins and balanced nutrients to help your digestion from beginning to end.

This is just the beginning - we have endless ways to help you live younger and incorporate healthy choices into your diet! Check out more unique (and delicious) recipe ideas using these four powerful products over on our Mix It Up page, and make sure you vote for your favourite unique flavour combination!

Have a great recipe idea you'd like to share? Have a question about your health? Contact us today!

Vote for your favourite combo & grab the recipes!

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