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3 Ways to Protect Yourself From Environmental EMF Toxins

September 9, 2016


Does it make rational scientific sense that Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) or Radio Frequency Radiation being emitted from cellphones, WiFi hot-spots, smart-meters and other electronic devices might be having a negative effect on your health? And if so, why, and how can you be protected? 

What are EMF (or RFR) toxins?

EMF (and RFR, a type of EMF) is one of several environmental toxins, the others being bisphenol A found in plastic, pesticides found on food, volatile organic compounds chemicals from household cleaners, and heavy metals such as lead and mercury found in paints, fish and city-water. EMF and RFR toxins can affect the immune system, cause allergic reactions, cause mental changes, and effect organs. Organic compounds can directly cause a toxic effect through chemical reactions within the cells or indirectly create reactive free radicals to cause damage. Some of these processes are better understood than others. EMF is the least understood and the reason is that it is so new compared to the others.

Why are EMFs toxic?

And our physical bodies utilize electromagnetic energy for many primary important functions. Think EKGs that read the electromagnetic field of the heart or EEGs that read the electromagnetic field of the brain. Both of these instruments measure specific EMF waves when there is life, and both cease to show activity when there is death. So there is real dynamic proof, that though we can measure this energy, we are just beginning to learn what significance all of this plays in our health.  

 Author and health researcher Dr. Stephen Genuis suggested in a study1 that EMFs can impact:

  • Reproductive dysfunction
  • Cancer
  • EMFs and CNS dysfunction
  • Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis
  • Alzheimer’s disease
  • Insomnia
  • Headaches
  • Sexual dysfunction
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Learning and memory problems
  • Impacts brain glucose levels
  • Miscarriages
  • Asthma
  • Melatonin levels

The science of interaction relies on frequency.  Energy is transferred from one body to another body if they are in resonance. Think of a swinging porch-swing. In order to increase the swing, one simply pushes along the swing at its frequency of swing, and by pushing harder the chair goes higher and goes faster, so that it can reach a higher level at the same time. Though the swing is going higher, it is still at the same frequency as before. If one were to push too hard, trying to increase the frequency rate, or try to stop the swing by slowing its frequency rate, one will notice the swing's disruption, as torsional effects causing smooth movement of the swing to cease.

Functions of the body, cellular processes, are molecular processes are the same. A kitchen microwave heats a cup of water because the frequency of the imparted energy is the same frequency of the bonds in a water molecule. Like the swing example above, the water atoms are pushed into a larger swinging motion and this creates heat. We don't live in our kitchen microwave, but we are surrounded by electromagnetic waves that are in our environment.

The EMF and radio frequency radiation (RFR) is believed to cause several effects.  One is that they make the other toxins more dangerous. This is because the EMF may generate free radicals, add energy and enable chemical reactions, cause damage to DNA or alter the structure of proteins. EMF and RFR could interact with the body's natural frequencies and cause pain, discomfort, sleep disruption and cause the loss of wellbeing. Wellbeing is a function of the deep brain-center, called the basal ganglia, which coordinates the function of the brain. Depression, anxiety and often panic attacks are symptoms of this loss. There are also studies that implicate the development of brain tumors, dementia and infertility. Furthermore, we now are just entering the period of multi-generational exposure of EMF, which leaves much to be learned about this type of toxic effect.

How to protect yourself

Where is the EMF or RFR coming from? Look around. Cell towers are all over the place, WiFi hot-spots seem to be in every cafe, restaurant, library, classroom and public area, along with the cellphone in direct and frequent contact with the user. Smart-meters and smart-homes are beginning to join the smart-phones in thinking that everyone needs them. Much of this exposure is unavoidable.

Here are 3 ways to protect yourself from environmental EMF and RFR toxins:

  1. Distance and voluntary non-use or limited use. If you feel that your health is being effected, there seems to be a group of people who are more sensitive to this form of toxin, then make sensible choices of your lifestyle. You can live very happily and informed without a smartphone. Use a landline phone for communication, or better visit a friend and talk in person. Decrease your exposure by not having WiFi in your home. If you are able, choose to live in less densely populated areas, and do not live under a cell tower or high voltage power cables. Spend a good deal of your time in open areas with fresh air, and take walks through forests or rock formations. Also, visit the ocean shore, because standing on the beach you can be assured that at least half of the surrounding area is free of towers. 
  1. Purchase a meter to measure the EMF and RFR in your surrounding area of you living space and keep a record. Make changes and do proactive things which will reduce the radiation.  Some recommend surrounding the area with a Faraday cage and properly grounding all electrical circuits.
  1. Decrease your other toxin exposure. Use filtered water, buy organic foods, learn what foods to avoid.  Learn how to properly clean food.  Learn what cleaning products are healthier and less toxic. Keep learning about environmental toxins of every sort and source and make the appropriate lifestyle changes.


 Progressive Organics

1 Public Health (2008) 122, 113–124. Stephen J. Genuis. Fielding a current idea: exploring the public health impact of electromagnetic radiation


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