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Do Multivitamins Help Brain Function and Cognitive Health?

Dec 4, 2018 10:11:00 AM

Lifting weights makes your body stronger, but how do we maintain brain health and cognitive function? One major way to boost brain function is by taking multivitamins regularly. Different types of vitamins have benefits for the entire body, and long-term brain health can be improved with vitamins.

Why We Worry about Putting Vitamin C and Tryptophan in Our Collagen? So You Don’t Have To

Nov 27, 2018 1:55:46 PM

Collagen is the unsung superhero in your body. It is a key structural protein within your connective tissues that supports healthy skin, joints, and muscles. Collagen production occurs naturally within the body to increase elasticity in the skin and promote lean, stretchy muscles and joints. Collagen supplements have been revving up the health and wellness industry because of all of their do-good work in the body.

Getting Your Kids to Love Fish (Oil) + Benefits

Nov 21, 2018 4:23:18 PM

Fish oils are making a splash in the wellness world and are on the minds of the most health-conscious parents. Fish oil contains omega-3 fatty acids (specifically DHA and EPA) that experts believe is important for child brain and eye development; and is something that your body can't naturally make.

Collagen: Benefits From The Inside Out

Nov 20, 2018 11:09:34 AM

Collagen supplements have been gaining in popularity, and with good reason. Collagen is among the most common protein found in connective tissues and plays a crucial role in the overall maintenance of your body. It contains amino acids your body needs, including hard-to-get-naturally conditional amino acids like arginine, glutamine, proline,and glycine.

I Live a Healthy and Active Lifestyle. Do I Really Need a Multivitamin?

Nov 13, 2018 10:59:21 AM

You are at the gym three times a week, and you eat a well-balanced diet of fruits, vegetables, grains, proteins, dairy and oils. You’ve been to Yoga, tried CrossFit, and have a membership at a Kickboxing studio. Living an active lifestyle is something you thrive on.

Yay The School Year! 5 Family Fun Ways To Make Healthy Meals

Aug 29, 2018 9:50:00 AM


What’s The ‘Essential’ In VegEssential All-In-One?

Aug 24, 2018 10:59:00 AM



One of our all-star products, Vegessential All-In-One is packed with nutrients, vitamins, and protein. But what exactly is it that’s so ‘essential’ about it? Let’s take a deeper dive!

What’s The Ideal Protein To Get Started On My Fitness Journey?

Aug 21, 2018 9:15:00 AM


So. You’ve decided to start a fitness journey. First things first: CONGRATULATIONS! This is an amazing first step to take, and we celebrate your dedication. You’ll be feeling better and living better in no time!

Can An All in One Protein Give You More Time For Summer Fun?

Aug 2, 2018 7:56:00 AM


Canadians. Firstly, can we give Canada some major props for this summer? A little hot? Yes. A ton of fun? Also yes. But before we know it, we’ll blink and it’ll be winter. That is why we take getting the most out of summer so seriously. All in One protein is just one way you can simplify your “must-dos” so you have lots of time for the “fun-dos.” All in One protein checks your daily nutrition essentials, that’s why we call our whey-based one WheyEssential and our plant-based one VegEssential.

Balance Cottage & Patio Life this Summer with 5 Healthy Lifestyle Tips

Jul 31, 2018 8:05:00 AM


Whether you escape to a summer cottage, enjoy some drinks on a patio, take to the backyard grill, or enjoy the Canadian summer in your unique way, there is a chance that your summer months need some lifestyle balances. Here are some tips to have that balanced life: